AM AIR SYSTEM HEATING & COOLING Unit/Tube /Electric Space Heaters

Unit/Tube /Electric Space Heaters

Unit Heaters

A unit heater can be used in garages, meeting halls, warehoused or any other large space. There are different types of unit heaters on the market today. The most popular ones are gas, electric and hot water/steam operated units.

Infrared Tube Heaters

High-efficiency infrared heaters use electricity or another fuel to heat a filament (or element) which emits infrared light. The light energy is directed by reflectors onto the object or area. Absorption of the light energy results in heating of the target.

Electric Space Heaters

Commercial space Heaters are a cost-effective solution delivering a comfortable environment to spaces that are hard to heat like large construction sites to restaurant patios. They may operate as electric, propane or natural gas heaters offering a wide range of different BTU output and power configurations.

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